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. . . Richard Pomaville - Your Personal Roofing Advisor in Brighton, Howell and Livingston, MI

Our website is designed to explain your choices of products and services available for your roofing or home remodeling project.

Please review the various areas to help you make an informed decision and to build confidence in the services we offer. As certified professional roofers in Michigan, we feel that we are the right contractor for every roofing project.

We'll make sure your home makes a striking impression, adding the greatest curb appeal in your neighborhood. Attention to detail, quality products and quality craftsmanship is key.

Your choice of sheet metal or any roofing material is an important decision when protecting your home from the elements. As trusted Michigan roofers, we are focused on bringing out the beauty and extending the useful service life of your sheet metal roof system.

Anyone has the ability to drive a nail through a shingle, but if that was all there was to proper shingle installation, we would not be replacing roofs installed by others that are failing only a couple of years later!

Homeowners have numerous choices of products, styles and design options. There are several shingle and shingle type materials including Asphalt, Wood, Tile, Metal, Composite and more.

R. P. Roofing Images

Choosing the right contractor to install your roof is just as important as selecting quality materials.

With so many products available, we'll help you make "Your Best and Safest Choice."

We are a "full service" roofing company with roofers who can handle everything from a new roof installation, restoration and maintenance to re-roofs and repairs in Brighton, Howell, Livingston and other surrounding areas in Michigan. All with the assurance that can solely come with years of experience.

Quality craftsmanship and design are key - and we go beyond the basics with innovative maintenance programs, extended warranties and great customer service, ensuring our customers' satisfaction and their roof's long term performance.

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